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I have always been a big fan of charity work - organisations & people who's primary purpose is to help others is pretty special, I'd say. We all deserve to be happy on this planet so I think it's completely right to do whatever one can - in whatever small way - to strive for this to happen.


Yes, I would definitely make a good Miss World.

I also have a particular interest in how society works - the intricacy's, complicated webs, hierarchy's, social classes, subcultures & trends which shape our minds & behaviours, and so it seemed only natural for me to study Sociology at school. I had a completely whacky teacher who made the class sit under the table for our first A level lesson & gave us over-sized brightly coloured plastic glasses to wear during her lessons. With such a babe as a guide, I focused my work on those socially excluded in society - particularly disabled people & the homeless. I worked for a while with the charity 'Changing Faces' & got to know some the homeless chaps in the area around my school.

A few years on I became a weekly volunteer at a homeless drop-in shelter in South Kensington. I have had some of the most interesting & inspiring conversations with my homeless chums, I tell you now. Many of them are jolly & love a good laugh, others are caught in detrimental behaviours & addictions..all of them comment on an overwhelming feeling of being neglected & cast out from 'normal' society. Goodness me, I could chat on about this for a long time (and indeed I shall another time) but the main point of my chatter now is to talk about the work I've been doing at the charity Crisis.

I was the Art Fundraising Team intern at Crisis which was bloody great. Crisis puts on an exhibition once every two years displaying the work of Britain's top contemporary artists which is then auctioned & the proceeds goes to the charity. My pretty ideal job was to initially engage with the artists I thought should take part. From Bill Woodrow to Mark Wallinger, Gavin Turk & Ann Christopher, we had a pretty powerful arty force.

Each artist had to respond it their own way to the theme HOME & create a piece of work for the exhibition. This took place in a warehouse in Bermondsey & it was pretty spectacular. The works by these successful artists were displayed alongside the work of Crisis members. What lovely business.

Check out some snaps from the exhibition. If you're interested to find out more, take a look here. The auction is at Christies on July 2nd!

'Found Line' by Ann Christopher
I particularly love 'Home' which is a collaborative piece between Matt Chivers & Crisis members Sarah E Goode & Tom Hair. What good hair-y names.
 'Wherever I lay my Hat' by Bill Woodrow
'Pillow' by Gavin Turk

The event was beautifully catered for by the Crisis Skylight cafe.
I found the popcorn in red stripey packets particularly exciting. Felt just like being at home..
Oh hey Mr & Mrs Franks (aka mum & dad) hanging out in from of 'Astrakhan hat & Flower Bonnet' by Billy Childish to the right & 'Early man, Modern man' by John Carew-Reid
'Former Self' by Mathew Carey

This great piece by Mark Wallinger is called 'No Way Home'

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