Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Life drawing. Drawing naked people. In life let's draw, nudity more, please.
I just love it.
When I was a student at City & Guilds art school for a year, most of my work concentrated on the human form. I was offered such a great opportunity as there would be a life model in one of the studios at the school a few times a week so I was completely free to indulge in one of my favourite activities. Perhaps it may seem strange that I love drawing naked people so much, but with art you can get away with anything. Much of Tracy Emin's work springs to mind - a debauched bed scene? It's all in the name of art, baabes.

When I'm chilling my beans in London I pop along to a life drawing class to get my weekly fix - or even more frequently if I have time. I've found an evening class 5 minutes from my house so cruise along there with inks, watercolours, pens, pencils, paintbrushes, sticks. Sticks are great to draw with. SO primitive right now. It's so much fun - quite an eclectic bunch of people from round & about - arty types, a couple of architects, business people who want to explore their 'creative potential', art dealers and the like.
Oh, and one large man who doesn't speak much English and rarely puts pen to paper throughout 3 hour long session. I think he really come to enjoy the view. When the model's a male he suspiciously makes an early exit.

Here are a few sketches from the classes. I tend to draw on scraps of paper so have piles and piles of these. I intend to continue drawing and working on some of them.
Some poses are just a few minutes long and others are a bit longer. So some drawings have taken 2mins.or.5mins.or.10mins.or.15mins.or.20mins.or.30mins. Usually no longer than that. The poor model needs a stretch, ya know.

 All shapes & sizes, bits & bobs, boobs & bums, buldges & bumps.
Perfect peaks, tightly toned.

All beautiful bodies.

And some men, but of course!

I must admit that I tend to prefer drawing women. Much more going on. You know what I'm saying.


  1. I really love these, it reminds me of how awesome those life drawing classes are. I've not done any in a while now but now you've reminded me why I should sign up for some again :)

    Veronika (http://www.constantworkinprogress.com)

  2. These are wonderful! Glad you're keeping up with your art roots ... I am missing Life Drawing it has sadly been almost 3 months. That is the only thing I am looking forward to in October.
    I haven't seen your pencil drawings before, just the inks ones; so this is a discovery. Come along to Life Drawing at the Empty shop if you are around Durham next year.