Friday, 25 November 2011


...the 5th of November...I know, it's hard trying to remember a day 2 weeks ago.
It would be even harder if you were a fish.

I really love Guy Fawkes night. I don't terribly approve of what Mr Fawkes was up to with all that gunpowder business in 1605, however I really am grateful to him for sorting out a night of fire & fun for us in this day an age when fire & fun aren't usually quite so related. It's the perfect fusion of being out in the chilly air whilst being blasted with the most intense heat from the bonfire. I've grown up living opposite a communal garden which holds a bonfire night every year & I've always been a keen bean when it comes to general involvement on the occasion. With slicing bread rolls for hot dogs & chopping oranges for mulled year I even helped with the sausage purchasing. Now that was a big deal. Every year I invite a few chums & we have quite a merry time waving around sparklers & drinking hot yummy wine (they even commend my excellent bread roll slicing & orange chopping, instantly securing them an invite for the next year...I'm a sucker for flattery when it comes to my knife skills)

The other ideal thing about this Fawkes stuff is the fire. I am in complete awe of fire...I could stare at it for hours, constantly being amazed by it's intricate colours, shapes, sparks & the wonder of burning wood. I have no interest in making conversation when I'm near a fire - my mind goes off into another world which my camera helps me to capture. I edge closer & closer until I realise I'm almost close enough to join hands with Guy Fawkes who's straw body is being engrossed by flames. I have a tendency to let my personal safely fall by the wayside in these situations, even after all that health & safely stuff no one can ever forget after school days when even sitting on a chair in the classroom was a health hazzard. Haven't you heard the story of the boy who rocked backwards & died? What would be teacher say if they saw me getting so friendly with a bonfire?! Finally good sense & serious over-heating prevented anything too dramatic from occurring this bonfire night.

 Never still, never the same...constantly wonderful.

 Fire! Fire! Let me feel the fire!

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