Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Now this post may slightly confuse those of you who are used to hearing my tales of drawing naked people, taking things out of bins & generally being rather unconventional, but it simply must be written about and this is why – I went to LA – and although there was certainly much flesh on display in the city with no seasons other than summer, I didn’t once get a pen out. I did get a camera out, however, so that's good news.
True to form, I jumped headfirst into accepting the kind invitation of my friend to accompany her on a stateside adventure when she used the word ‘Coachella’, filling my mind with - festival festival festival YES PLEASE. Kimberley warned me that Coachella isn’t your typical knee-deep-in-mud-greasy-hair-I-can’t-remember-last-night type of vibes – it’s more a ‘place to be seen..’ and thus it transpired that we didn’t in fact see any live music, but rather boogied, bounced & flounced around at some of the most glamorous-festival-chic affairs one can imagine.

The first festival party was sponsored by Old Navy - there was a pool, inflatable balls and hotdogs.
It was - I'm sure you'll all agree - the unbeatable trio.
Hotdogs with hashtags? I guess it must be a 'thing'
Kimberley is a swimwear designer & has a beautiful range of bikini's & swimming costumes. I absolutely love her cut-out one pieces & with the sun in full glow we had the chance to model these at Coachella. Above I am wearing the Kimberley London 'Fiji' costume. Rather saucy! The denim shorts are Old Navy & are one of the many free Old Navy clothing items I was lucky enough to take away with me..A denim jacket, wrap-around, bag, towel, hat, denim jeans, shirt...
For all the freebies I simply had to Instagram a picture of me #oldnavyoasis - oh modern day, sometimes the virtual world take over isn't so bad...


Party number two was held by Lacoste & was really rather stunning (and I'm not only referring to the other party guests...see above)
This was another pool party with pretty ideal crocodile inflatables, coconuts with straws, ice-cream biscuit 'sandwiches' & crocodile themed mini-golf.

Love a good inconspicuous photographer...

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