Thursday, 8 May 2014

Virtual world, will you take me back?

Actually 'blogging world, will you take me back?' because let's be honest, despite not blogging for over a year, I havn't exactly given up on the virtual world. Indeed, it may frighteningly have become more prominent with the invention of Twitter & Instagram which I very much succumbed to. We are in a new age, an age in which the words 'selfie' and 'hashtag' are in the dictionary...

Virtural reality is becoming more real than reality. Put that in your virtual pipes and smoke it, my friend. 

Ceci n'est pas une pipe. Rene Magritte.

So to welcome myself back to the blogging world where anything unreal could happen, I will begin with some hashtag-selfies which are not exactly 'selfies' as they were taken by my wonderful friend Maya Korn but they are of my-self-ie.

Maya is one of the most wonderfully creative & driven people I know, forever initiating projects & creating magical happenings wherever in the world she goes...most recently organising/curating/creating an immersive production called 'One of Us' in a Church in Williamsburg, NYC (which was a sequel to One of Us in a Georgian townhouse in Whitechapel, London in 2013)

As part of this, she has taken a number of photoshoots of her creative friends along with their work to showcase talent. Very kindly Maya chose to photograph me on a film camera one sunny morning - below are some photos from this...

The colours are a little funky because Maya use a strange film (the technical term, I am sure)...I think it makes me look a bit cooler than I am. I like it.

Dress is from a vintage shop in NYC, bowler hat from Angels costumes, feathered headdress if from Glastonbury Festival, long red velvet boots from Retro Clothing in Notting Hill and last but not least - the fairly lights from the Christmas tree.

 I am surrounded by my paintings, drawings & sculptures of naked people. Oh, how I love naked people...

 In the end I ate a gold sequin pear. 
It is the virtual world, after all....

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