Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Oh my! I havn't written on here for a quite a while. Not ideal. I blame the Mediterranean sun & lack of internet connection for this blogging mishap.
I popped to France last week & have been hanging out in sunny climates since then. I've spent much time working on my tan, of course...aka fervently applying 'Dove gradual tan' moisturizer like a true Brit. I thought it was working well until I looked down at my feet & realised that I look more like I've got some peculiar skin condition than a brozed beach babe. Perhaps it doesn't mix well with my factor 50+ suncream. Some weird chemical reaction? Yes, it's that & not just my inability to rub moisurizer on my body...

Before I chat more about failed beauty attempts & maxin in Italy & France ooh lala, I must update on matters pre-holiday. Most importantly my visit to a CAR BOOT SALE. It was just too wonderful.

Too many wonders interspersed with owls galore.

Other than the MAC lipstick I was very restrained with my purchases. I was just so overwhelmed by it all I couldn't make up my mind.
As the car boots were being re-packed I panicked - I can't return home with the shame of an empty bag! So I scurried around until I found THE most glorious item - A little ceramic worm button about the size of a 1 penny. Bright yellow wearing a green hat. My new best friend! Yay! I was so happy. I mean, I know I went with my chum Rachel, but this little thing could replace even the most nicely dressed companion (note: she bought her amazing jacket from a charity shop - check out the snap below. It's ideal)
I bought a worm for Rachel too so she didn't feel too lonely. I'm sure she loved it as much as I loved mine, although I must admit she seemed a bit perplexed by the penny sized smiley fella.

After the worm a quick last purchase with this mohair brown jumper for £10 & Rach bought an insane jacket also for £10. Yum.

I'll be returning to Battersea Car Boot Sale on September 4th - this time as a seller! I'm literally so excited...sorting out boxed of barbies & bits & bobs in preparation. Please come on down & buy Bella's Beach Babe Barbie & her sexy boyfriend Ken to keep you company. May even be better than a worm.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I've know Giovanna Marshall since she was about 14 years old & I've heard her singing on various occasions over this time. She has the most incredible, powerful and enchanting voice. When she sings you never want her to stop...

Over the past year she has been working on her single 'Out In Bold' with Mi7 records & I was lucky enough to photograph the launch party at Proud Galleries in Camden. 

GIOVANNA. Out In Bold.

 A little sketch I drew from the gig

Adoring fans...
 A little sketch I drew from the cover of Giovanna's single 'Out In Bold'. Check it out. BUY IT yeh?

Sunday, 17 July 2011


There's a severe lack of owls on this blog (& blogs in general, may I add) & I'm sure anyone who's anyone would agree. But for what is lacking here is certainly made up for in my life. I actually think it would be almost impossible to catch me without a single owl on my person - be it my earrings, ring, necklace, key ring, phone charm, t-shirt, socks, panties...there's always one hanging around somewhere. Being wise. And cute.

In the last few days two friends wrote to me on facebook about this -
It took me quite a while to build up the courage to click on the link for fear it would tell a sad sad story of a dead owl, but thank goodness he only left with a headache. Poor chap. I hope a kind owl chum of his winged him over a bit of paracetamol (or ibroprofen if he was drinking alcohol that night).
Another friend posted this site on my wall -

And then I received the most wonderful letter through the post from an anonymous sender. Inside was a book called 'The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark'. I just don't know how I managed to miss this book when I was young, but thank you kind stranger for sorting me out. 

So a few weeks ago when I was packing up my room in Durham the hardest part was dismantling all my birds.

 Some owl-tastic owls & cards. 
The older you get the better you get (unless you are a banana) Good point eh? 
Owls definitely get better AND wiser.

Socks & panties ooh la la!

 Some owls chilling with my alcohol. Wasters.

Every owl is indiviu-owl to me although I do tend to refer to them all as Marmaduke. Not entirely sure why.

I had a fish called Marmaduke who only survived for 2 weeks. He had a red head. I loved him so much & in fact I think he died from too much attention.