Sunday, 16 September 2012


There are many wonderfully creative & inspiring people in this world & feel rather lucky to know quite a number of these passion-flowing types. From nursery school when my best friend at 4 year old stood boldly in front of concert hall, belting out 'Little Donkey' to art school where a group of friends spent the night wrapping the Millenium Bridge in cellophane (seriously, it happened). It's great to be surrounded by those who understand the beautiful in the eye of an owl or the scales of a snake. Actually I am particularly not keen on snakes, but that is beside the point.

From musicians, artists & artisans, I also know some pretty great acting types. At Durham university I was involved with some theatre here & there - from set painting to photographing performances. A particularly memorable encounter with actors at Durham was when I spent a good session with the whole of my college theatre company - IN THE NUDE (just how I like them, of course). This wasn't quite as random as it sounds, I was asked to photograph the college of St.Hild & St.Bede's naked calender to be sold for charity.

A very good job for me I must say - the bits & bobs of Durham's finest clubs & societies flying all over the show with me & my camera here to snap it all up. A bit of side boob here & a cheeky bum cheek there, I was lovin' it. The theatre company were lots of fun with all their props & well devised facial expressions - shock, excitement, joy...they didn't need the slightest bit of direction from me.

My second favourite shoot of the calender was of the college's very own student rock club hosts - FULL COLLAPSE. This interesting night held in the Undercroft of the college plays Metal, Rock, Punk, Emo, Hardcore, Industrial and more alternative music, described to be belted out by the DJ at 'ear-bleeding volume!' every fortnight. I'm sure you can imagine, I was a regular.
...How wonderful...
So this lot really did their bit for my camera's eyes - bondage, nipple tassels, black leather knee-high boots, electric guitars & some tactfully placed records.

My third most thrilling shoot was of the college reps - the respectable lot who show all prospective students what we are all about. NAKED.
This lot were amazing - naked in the snow! At least there are a number of benefits of this - keep things perky, you know.

Recently a lovely old school friend of mine got in touch with the desire for me to take some headshots of her for her acting portfolio. Flattered to be asked, she rocked up to my house & we had a jolly time taking shots around the park & in my garden. We chose to take the photographs in the fresh air to keep them lively & light which I feel can be lost in a long session in a studio with artificial lighting & far more technical matters to attend to.


 The lovely Kat.

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  1. Bit of casual nudity is always a fun thing. The group out in the snow deserve extra credit!