Friday, 27 May 2011

Second hand and vintage bit & bobs, as I've mentioned, are my favourite kind of bits & bobs. I absolutely love spending hour upon hour in charity and vintage shops, burring through a lot of tat to find a brightly coloured, sequin covered, carpet patterned gem - something I simply must have. I came to the realisation a while ago that my bedroom cupboards had reached the stage of being very pissed off with my frequent additions SO it was time to give them a bit of a break. I decided to start selling.
A buying and selling business. Bella's bits & bobs. Why not?

I began at Christmas time selling vintage jumpers. So hot right now. We all want to look like our great great great grandfathers, right? Right.

I now sell shirts & various other items as well as jumpers...even some fun boots ooh la la. I'll soon be posting photographs of some things which people can get in touch with me to buy. Keep an eye out.

I have recently discovered a kindred spirit in none other than Lily Allen babes, our very own 'When I see you cry-y-y, it makes me sm-i-i-ile' gal. She started a fashion ventured 'Lucy in Disguise', sourcing vintage clothes which she sells in her Covent Garden shop & is just launching a fashion line boutique in Harvey Nichols.

My friend Lilah modeled the clothes for the look book of this new boutique & invited me to the Harvey Nichols launch party with her.
Fashionistas & celebs galore. Not that I knew who was who - I was more involved in photographing the kitsch decorations & unusual nibbles. Too much fun.

Lily Allen in one of her dresses. A sexy green number.

Sophie Ellis-Bexter in a 'Lucy in Disguise' dress.


  1. good luck with your store! i just started one too and it's a lot of hard work but it's so much fun.


  2. congrats on your blog!!
    I'm following, want to follow mine?

  3. looks like your had a great night and spotted lots of celebs!


  4. Hey I just found ur blog!.
    Love th posts! and images.
    p.s> im following u!