Wednesday, 12 September 2012 Oh.Dear.Bella.

I am still a hardcore 'bits-&-bobs'-er but alas alack, since the 21st June I havn't been a hardcore 'blogger'. NOT IDEAL. I'm back & ready to sort out that situation.

Instead of updating the virtual world on my life over the last few months, I'm just going to cut to the chase of the most important recent activity of my life - I went to the zoo. London zoo. Know it? If you do not or have not ever been, I weep. Help me wipe away the tears & get down there immediately, okay? Giraffes in London town, I'm not even kidding.
Since getting back from South Africa my animal passion has intensified & I will now quite frankly travel far & wide to hang with some unusual furry fellas. The other day it was London zoo for my fix, getting there in good time to watch the penguins feeding party & otters munching on white mice. I walked around in complete glee, chatting to an owl here & a monkey there - standard Thursday afternoon, ya know.

A couple of my favourite zoo-y chums...

The funniest owls I've seen in my life. They look like little old men!

When I was little, for a few years running I had 'The Animal Man' at my birthday party. He would turn up in a van filled with creatures great & small - creepy crawlies & those of a soft & fluffy variety to keep the girls happy. I was all about the spiders & cockroaches - not your typical 6 year old. My favourite part of the party was when The Animal Man made me & all my party-goer friends lie down on our backs in a row to reveal our tummies (which is retrospect seems rather creepy, espically as The Animal Man was well into his fifties & had a van full of insects..) A 12 ft long snake would then be produced & laid over our bare flesh for us to squeal at it's cold, wet feeling skin.
Yes, I can definitely understand why I repeated that particular party on more than one occasion.

In South Africa I made an exciting adventure to a place in Cape Town called 'The World of Birds'. I'm sure you can imagine my emotional experience there - it was practically spiritual. Here are a few snaps from the day!

...The eye of nightmares

This poor friend had a bit of an eye problem. Life through one eye from an owl's perspective. I wonder what that's like. Magical, I imagine.


owly owls la la la
And some other chums I made...

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