Tuesday, 6 September 2011


OH.MY.GOSH. Yesterday was quite frankly one of the best days of my life. I'm sure not everyone would agree that five hours spent in the pouring rain selling old bits & bobs in a car park would be better than five hours, lets say...in bed? But seriously, doing a car boot sale is just wonderful. Even in torrential rain.

I booked a pitch at Battersea Boot with the excited intention of getting rid some of my clutter. 22 years of living in one place seems to have caused me to accumulate so much random stuff that it's getting to the point I can barely move in my bedroom. Honestly, I just never throw anything away (except a cotton pad here & there, I guess) so it reached the stage that something had to be done. I packed barbie upon barbie, (many hairless - my younger self seemed to have a tendency of chopping off their locks. Most peculiar) Polly Pockets & many other miscellaneous bits & bobs from my youth. I also had boxes & boxes of china & things from my grandparents old house to sell. So on Sunday morning myself & two friends packed a car to the brim with stuff & cruised along to Battersea.
We set up our table & immediately people crowded round...who knew a broken tray & dirty ashtray would prove so popular? I'm actually not kidding - I sold some of the most unappealing things to people who genuinely seemed happy with them. Ideal.
Despite the rain (which meant there were far fewer buyers than usual, apparently) I made £160! Unbelievable. Holly also did very well with selling her Britney Spears & 'My R'n'B mix 2001' & we both left feeling very happy. Our chum Rachel didn't have anything to sell so took refuge in the car for a while during the particularly monsoon periods of the afternoon, happily rockin' out to another of Holly's great mixes circa 2000.

 Sadly I couldn't take photographs because of the weather, only briefly getting my camera out to snap the sorry state of my lovely signs in the rain.

Seriously, she was LOVING it

Despite the success of this event, my de-clutter mission is FAR from over. So I've decided to return to Battersea Boot as often as I can. If anyone (who ideally has a car...) would like to join me on an occasion please let me know! Find that beach babes barbie a new home - why not?

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