Sunday, 11 September 2011


It was my 22nd birthday last week. Twenty-two? Doesn't that mean I should be oh so mature with a clear future planned out? A decent salary? My own pad? Perhaps even a baby on the way?

No future planned out (except lots of creative business, please). No Salary (except my SNOG & car boot sale earnings which aren't exactly going to fund my own pad). No own pad (like I say - I work at SNOG & sell my old barbies from a car boot). No baby (
But seriously, is maturity really that necessary? On my birthday I certainly didn't think so & set about on my research into London's best blackberry picking hotspot. ACTUAL BLACKBERRIES not those wannabes with all their apps & bbm nonsense. I'm going rustic, no 21st century business thanks. Bit of research suggested that Hampstead Heath is THE hip & happening place for blackberries, so off to Hampstead it was.

Off we popped - my family & I - armed with plastic containers & waterproofs. A rather rainy day but that wasn't going to spoil my plan, oh no! I'd read about an English heritage house on Hampstead Heath called 'Kenwood House' & about it's lovely cafe. It's called the Brew House & we went for a delicious lunch & enjoyed it's rustic vibes. Definitely worth a visit.
               I was wearing quite frankly the perfect t-shirt for the ocassion - Pick Flowers Not Fights. (Assuming you agree that flowers & blackberries are much the same thing) 

 As soon as the sun popped out briefly I whipped out my camera to take snaps of the wonderful colours & juicy little fellas.

I was rather keen on the wetness of everything & kept on stopping to photograph everything in sight. 
Long breaks to get up close & personal with a leaf chilling out on a spiders web would, I'm sure, have made my family very irritated if it wasn't my birthday...

After the blackberry adventure I dragged the family off again - this time to the Tracy Emin 'Love Is What You Want' exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. Within my fam, the enjoyment of this exhibition didn't quite match their thrill in searching for brambles - to put it blunty, my dad hated it. My brother quite liked it. My mum liked some aspects...but thankfully, since it was my birthday, I loved it. 
Oh Tracy babes - you are what you are - exhibitionist, media whore & the like - but you certainly are a creative one who wouldn't blink an eye about me blackberry picking on my 22nd birthday. 
If I knew you, I'd bring round a crumble to help fill the emotional hole inside you since the abortion you're not exactly private a baby? A blackberry instead. Just as good eh (if not better).

Home for tea & cake with Daisy my little white fluffy bezzie mate.

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