Friday, 18 November 2011


I've got a bit of a 'thing' about the pavement. I call it a 'thing' because I'm not quite sure how to describe my pavement fascination. An indescribable obsession perhaps. I just love it.

Whenever I'm walking along on this beloved gray business I can't help my eyes from fixating down, darting around at the pavement in all it's gritty, grimy glory. A piece of chewing gum! A cigarette butt! How exciting! My 'penny tales' are the result of this - I am constantly finding them & enjoy to blog about my copper street successes. I'm currently keeping them all in a bag, waiting until January to take it to one of those Sainsburys money converters. I'm sure I'll have AT LEAST £1 to thank the pavement for. Recently in fact I've been on a bit of a 5p spree...I've found rather a number of the last few weeks.

Thank you pavement & careless pavement walkers.

It's not only pennies that I pick up & this is where the tale gets a little stranger & perhaps even a little worrying. I'll pick up quite frankly anything I spot which 'may' be 'useful' one day. Today, for example, it was a hair clip, a plaster (still tightly sealed in it's packet I'd like to point out), a 5p, three 1p's & a Nero loyalty card with 3 stamps. All 'may' & most probably will be 'useful' one day, right? Particularly the sealed plaster, what with all my looking down on busy streets - bound to cause some cuts & scrapes. So earlier, on my way home from a life drawing class, I came across a broken commode (a chair which is also a loo, in case you didn't know) on the pavement & almost took it home with me. How convenient it would be to sit in front on the tv & never have to get up to use the facilities during Downtown Abbey! Despite this, I think you may be pleased to know that I didn't take the commode home - I made the rational decision that if I start with something like that, it'll be a slippery slope until I return home with a bag load of cigarette butts which could be 'useful' in an art project or something one day...

So with all my pavement fascination I discovered something rather incredible in Durham - there are little coloured balls everywhere! Green ones, orange ones, yellow ones...covering the streets. It was most strange. I mentioned it to a few friends of mine who hadn't notice this phenomenon yet, but after a few days they too discovered the ball situation. With these friends on board I set about creating a 'Green Ball Appreciation Society' (GBAS). There wasn't much to the society to be honest - simply an appreciation of their presence & sadly the other two members gradually lost interest in the cause, being snatched up by the Pimms Society instead. Poor green balls.

Whatever though, my camera & I will forever appreciate them, thank you very much. We'll give them the credit they deserve.


When I get down on the pavement to photograph these fellas I've certainly received some odd looks...can that girl REALLY be photographing something half the size of a pea?

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