Friday, 4 November 2011


Freaky business. Who doesn't love a bit of freaky business? Halloween is ideal for freaky business.

Halloween is also ideal for dressing up. I really love dressing up...back in the day it was the fun & freedom of experiencing the new world a princess dress had to offer. Dressing up was also 'the thing' at 18th birthday parties - 'animal theme' here, 'childhood alter-ego' there - always an excuse to keep those boring LBD's in the cupboard. Then there was art school. At art school the boundaries between 'dressing up' & just 'dressing' were somewhat confused - one girl wore a clown outfit during the day, while others floated around in extraordinarily outlandish attire. I noticed my own outfit choices getting stranger over the time I was there until my staple 'bright patterned socks tucked into green leggings sticking out of little black & green pointed boots' was established. Teaming the socks & leggings with an 'I'm Not Normal' tshirt (an apt logo, I'll admit), I'd always whack on a colourful beret & carry a bit gold kisch owl-shaped handbag called Marmaduke stuffed with paintbrushes & pots of ink.

I love it when parties have a really exciting theme...a recent one of 'Party in a Pear Tree' (a play on the families surname 'Partridge') to which I went as an extremely brightly coloured bird. I stripped up lots of silk material I bought from 'A-Z textiles' in Shepherds Bush & made an outfit (which I interestingly doubled it's use to dress as a jelly fish on another occasion. Jelly fish/bird...who knew eh?)

So anyway, back to Halloween - where this freaky tale began. I popped up to Durham for Halloween for a party at the 'Peth' (the name we gave the house I lived in last year in Durham. It's peth-tastic & quite frankly peth-fect. It has a wood-burning stove) on Monday night. On Monday afternoon the 'Peth Pets' (us Peth dwelling folk, of course) hung black & purple material from the ceiling, covered the furniture with plastic spiders & signs on the wall - 'THE PETH : Where your nightmares come true'.
While Peth pet Rachel used duck tape to write 'Durham Asylum' on the window, Peth pet Ettie & I manically whipped up a big batch of shortbread dough & set about rolling it out & using a bat-shaped cutter to make treats for our party guest. We gave the bats eyes which infact looked more like boobs on their little bodies...bats with boobs...why not?

EAT MY BISCUITS OR I MAY EAT YOU (yes, this is me. Dressed as a mummy. Standard.)

 And I even found an OWL!

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