Thursday, 22 December 2011


Bits & bobs! Needles, thread, string, pins, buttons, scissors, material, beads...oh glorious bits & bobs.

I've always loved making things - from lumpy bits of pottery at primary school 'mum look! I made you 'The Owl & The Pussycat' boat!' shoving something resembling a rock in her direction, to a knitted scarf in my first year at Durham - my excuse for not going clubbing. Who needs vodka shots when you've got knitting needles & wool? I went to dress-making classes back in the day where I learnt pattern cutting & that kind of business. I really enjoyed it but I think dress making is not really for me - too arduous & I was never accurate enough so inevitably things went wrong, ending up in one messy heap. I did learn how to make corsages which are fun & to this day I always have one pinned on my jacket, adding a colourful injection to any outfit. When I traveled to art school with my extremely creative chum Olivia, we'd both sit on the tube doing some form of making - she'd knit while I'd sew random bits of material together. I really think sewing on public transport is just ideal, the best way to pass long journeys with the added bonus of freaking fellow commuters out. Seriously, if you want to ward off sweaty tube travelers, start sewing - it really makes them keep a safe distance. I'm not sure if this is a fear of being stabbed with a needle or strangled with some wool or whether they just thought our activity was so strange that we must be from another planet.

I am jolly keen on FELT & recently a need to acquire it became quite an obsession. I searched high & low in crafty shops but they only seemed to sell small squares which was not ideal as I was after industrial quantities of the stuff. Eventually, after quite a felt finding palava, I went to Shepherds Bush...oh Shepherds Bush, thank you. Goldhawk Rd is brilliant - shop after shop selling fabric, each kitted out with their own sleezy man trying to encourage a purchase of something shiny, animal themed or just plain ugly. I bought various brightly coloured pieces of material before cruising down Shepherds Bush Market where I struck gold (if you call felt gold. I certainly do). Metres & metres of the stuff! Every colour! Peeeerfect!

With all my wonderful newly aquired felt I set about sewing like a mentalist. Owls, owls, owls, what else?! Owls to pin onto things, owls to hang, owls to chill.

Boxes & boxes of material fill my room - ideal of making these fun little corsages. La.La.La.


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