Friday, 2 December 2011


I love a bit of random spontaneous can sometimes be even more exciting than spontaneous combustion which let's be honest - is just a bit odd. A recent random spontaeous activity I embarked on was crusing along to a comic book show. I thought it was going to be a convention with people dressed up as Beano & Batman which sadly was not the case, but an abundance of incredible tallent & quirky arty types certainly filled the void in which costumes were lacking. I've never been particularly into reading comic books, although I did go through a stage a while ago of buying loads of old tatters ones from the Retro Bookshop in Notting Hill to cut up & collage on other things.

My love of collage does not only relate to comic books, oh no. I rip bits out of everything, it's quite frankly an addiction. Newspapers, magazines, leaflets, bills, recipes, even goes so far as receipts which can cause some quite foreseen problems when I realise I don't actually need those new pliers (don't ask) I just bought. I won't let the members of my household throw anything away until I've given it a good old rip. Rip! Rip! Re-stick! I call it the art of 'revitalisation' - rip bits out of the old to create something new. How beautiful.


                                                                                            I spent quite a lengthy time at the show, circling the stalls - constantly being draw into the created worlds of people's imagination. I loved it. In the process I chatted to the stall holders about their work & the inspiration which surprising didn't relate much to alien activity - something I had previously thought played quite a vital role in comic book creations. Aren't their usually aliens? Maybe not.

Throughout the afternoon, different artists would take to the stage, sit at a table & simply draw. Their drawing hand was filmed throughout & projected onto a big screen behind the artist, so that we could watch as stories & creations spilled out over previously blank, bland & boring pages. They became bright, bold & braamicah*! (*A new word I just made up. Quite proud of it actually.)

Very jolly indeed...

I recently went on a mission with a chum of mine to find her a 2011 diary. WHSmiths, Ryman, Poundland...alas they only sell 2012 diaries so I cried - never fear young lass - I will make a diary for you! And with that, dove head first into my collage boxes & made her a diary.
How authentic. 

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  1. •♣♪★♥ this is so adorable!! •♣♪★♥

    i'm an avid fan of comics.

    so jealous