Friday, 3 February 2012


Ok, I need to stop banging on about nudity before people start to wonder...but before I do I'm going to give you a bit of a taster of some of my recent sketches.

My style at the moment is quite line based with intense bursts of colour. I absolutely love colour...I see my life in colours. Whenever I start colouring my figures I feel an overwhelming sense of excitement bubbling up inside me. It's hard to explain, but it's a pretty great feeling. I wish I could colour the world in deep amethyst, electeic crimson, ultramarine, mint green, cobalt blue...Yes, the suggestion of taking lots of acid pills may help me with this desire, but people seem to think I'm on drugs much of the time anyway so I'd prefer to colour the world with the power of my mind, rather than the power of drugs.

There were two models in the class I was in last week which was rather interesting - a woman with beautiful black skin, roughly in her fifties & a young rather awkward chap. I think the chap was new to the whole exercise & gave the impression of being somewhat uncomfortable in a small studio surrounded by an anonymous group of people, all flailing pens, paper & ink here, there & everywhere whilst staring intently at his manhood. I watched him undressing out the corner of my eye (didn't want my gaze in his direction to be too direct of course - he'd probably have run a mile) & had a little chuckle as I watched him drape himself in a towel & adjust his bits & bobs in an uneasy manner. I really do think it would be quite a nerve-wracking experience for a guy to life model - would they sit in constant fear of being aroused? I imagine so...or perhaps I'm being too crude, perhaps nothing of the sort would cross their mind. As long as no attractive class attendees start flicking their hair back & forth.  

Over the last few weeks at my life drawing class there have been two models on seperate occasions who are pregnant. The first woman was quite heavily pregnant, while the second was in the early stages of her pregnancy (the last two drawings on this post are of her little bump emerging?). I really enjoyed drawing these woman...such womanly woman with a mini person hanging out inside them whilst I drew. 
How wonderful.

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