Thursday, 9 February 2012


Satisfy the senses. Happy ears - listen to music. Excited touch - dance. Amazed eyes - go to a concert.
(Uncomfortable nose, sweating people gyrating next to you. Small detail)

I like my senses to feel well treated & it's music that helps me fulfill the sense loving role. My love of live music began back in the day when I went to Bosun's Locker every Friday night for a hoe-down. Bosun's Locker was (sadly is no longer) a small bar in the basement of the Cornish Pasty shop on the Kings Road where singers & swingers alike would gather to play music & have a boogie. Such a jolly affair. It was a very folky scene - cowboy boots, checked shirts & waistcoasts were pretty much uniform. Winston Marshall (the now famous banjo player of the folk band Mumford & Sons) ran the nights at the venue & would play his country & folk tunes with a big group of friends, most of whom went on to become pretty big names in the 'West London folk scene' - Charlie Fink & Tom Hobden from Noah & the Whale, King Charles, Johnny name a few Bosun's regulars. And then there was the small blond 15 year old girl who spoke in a quiet voice & had to be forced to the stage to get her to sing. She was timid & painfully shy but her stage presence captivated the audience into a mesmorized trance as her strong voice rose above the chatter, culminated in a stunned silence. This young girl was Laura Marling, the quiet girl with an extraordinarily powerful voice & breath-taking lyrics. If you havn't heard her, do it. RIGHT.NOW. Quite remarkable. Alas, I cannot swim.

Another great cowboy boot wearing chappy on the scene was Will Stokes. Will Stokes who wears headbands & sings 'I'm the king of the swingers' like a true jungle VIP. A few years ago he joined forces with friends from here & there to start the band 'Stokes, William'. It's his surname & forename jiggled around, yeah? Cool.

Stokes, William are a wonderful collaboration of some seriously talented musicians playing all manner of instruments - bangos, trumpets, drums, a double bass...all that jingles really. I've seen them perform live many times & they are bloody brilliant. So much energy & vibrancy on stage, the whole crowd cannot help rockin' out like mentalists. The songs are powerful & full of depth - fear, hope & strengh permeate through them in a captivating way.  

'She said you're fine - you beleive in God. And I said, yes, but the truth is, I'm terrified...' (Honesty Box)

'My weak heart years for more - though I am young, I know my weakness soars' (Zion)

'Sometimes it feels like letting love show is like lighting a candle & putting it in the snow' (In/Of The World)

The last Stokes,William gig I went to was their EP launch at Hoxton Bar & Grill. The place was completely packed & the energy & atmosphere was electric...If you ever have the chance to see them perform, take it my friends. TAKE IT. You won't regret it.


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