Thursday, 27 October 2011


I bloody love a bit of bug.

Well, most bugs. Too many legs creep me out - those centipedes are just not ideal. Would certainly not like to meet a centipede in a dark alley, that's for sure. Butterflies, however, are a different matter. When I was a mini Bella one of my favourite activites was popping to the 'Butterfly House' - a spot just outside London. It was completely magical - gorgeous colours & shapes all around in a hot & humid greenhouse. Too exciting. It's been about 15 year since mini Bella's butterfly excitement, but when I found out there was a greenhouse filled with Butterflies outside the Natural History Museum I felt quite the same amount of joy as I did 15 years ago. The exhibition was called 'Sensational Butterflies' & was filled with all these fab fellas hanging out in their man made jungle. A winding path led round the space which I gliding along in a euphoric state as the butterflies fluttered all around.
My friend Natalie joined me on this adventure which was pretty brave of her (although she didn't have much choice in the matter to be honest - if she'd said no I'd probably sunk into a deep depression...) I say 'brave' because Natalie admitted her life long fear of the fluttering fellas. For her, meeting a butterfly in a butterfly house parallels my fear of meeting a centipede in a dark alley. 
So there was me, about to explode with excitement, while Natalie quaked in her boots, especially when a massive one landed on her...Natalie deserves serious credit I must say - she powered through & decided at the end that they weren't so bad. A butterfly convert! Ideal.
Yes, I'd say they are probably the most inoffensive creatives on the planet. except sloths, but they r just lazy.

I called this one Fred...

...and this is Margret


Last week there was a green bug in my bathroom. Hanging out. He was a funny looking guy - bright green with long legs which I presume he used to hop & jump all over the show. He was there whenever I went into my bathroom - sometime half way up the wall, sometimes chilling on the mirror. It was slightlu disconcerting to have him around when I was on the loo, but I presumed he was more interested in his reflection in the mirror than me so it was ok. Anyway, as the days progressed & he was still there I began to worry about his lack of food & water & just when I thought I should definitely do something about it - I went into my bathroom for a bit of a toothbrush - to find him dead on the floor. So sad I didn't act quicker on the food & water issue, I feel awful. I could have spared his life.

Sorry little green guy.

Feeling so bad about how I neglected the green guys basic needs, I decided to give him a last bit of life before saying goodbye for good. In his dead state, I introduced him to my toucan, a few beaded crocodiles I made, & an owl that chills by my bed. 

I know he wasn't alive, but I'm sure his soul appreciated it.

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