Thursday, 21 April 2011


I pick up a penny most days. In fact I get a bit worried on the days I don't, but am particularly happy on days I find more than one or something worth more than 1p. So that makes up for those worried days.
It's the same with life really. There are days when I worry a lot, but I know the happy carefree days will always make up for it. A 2p is ideal.
Three days ago it was a 5p on Oxford St Rd

Two days ago it was 1 cent in South Ken station

And yesterday it was a £5 note in St.Albans!


BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | See a penny, pick it up
I usually pop the pennies straight in my purse but have no decided to stack them as they come.  The pile will reach the sky in no time. I'm (almost 125%) sure.

A few weeks ago I picked up a penny as I was cruising down the street to my house. La la. I leaped into the road when I saw it and subsequently felt rather embarrased by my super keen action as there was someone walking next to me. It was a chap. He said 'Are you superstitious?' Me 'Not particularly I just always pick up a penny'. Him 'You live in this area so you'd better be saving the pennies...' Me 'ahh yeah..haha..ok bye'. I had arrived at my house, so popped straight in.
La la la when I came home that evening at midnight there was a yellow piece of paper stuck to my door and another had been posted through the letter box. I HAVE A NEW FRIEND. I call him Penny Boy. He calls me Penny Girl. He's a ballet dancer. So there we go. Pick up a penny - you may make a friend or at the very least - be 1p richer.

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