Friday, 29 April 2011


What a jolly affair.

I think Kate's skin tone may be a little off, but other than that the realism in this window display made me feel like I'd shared quite an intimate moment with the couple.

Took a little driiiiive down Pall Mall last night to say haaay to some of those crazy campers, manically flag waving in anticipation for the BIG MOMENT. (Be it 12 hours away...)

I watched the spectacle with my chum who'd made blueberry muffins. SO Royal Wedding right now. She'd bought a few bits and bobs from the non-stop party shop. Going in there was worse than sharks at a feeding frenzy apparently - biting and hair pulling as one woman snatched up the last Kate shaped cheese grater as another nabbed the last Will encrusted egg poacher. But I need a Queen embossed ice cream maker! Please tell me you haven't run out of Princess Beatrice shaped salt and pepper shakers? 1,000 FLAGS PLEASE! TIARAS! BUUUUNTING!!!  Tears and rage as the final red lametta curtains were torn from the shelves...

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