Sunday, 24 April 2011

Thanks road.You're a babe.

I found another £5 note today! Naah jokes. I was in the car driving along with my dad when I spotted it floating around on the road and was like 'DAD STOP THE CAR!' so we pulled over and I sped out like a mentalist onto the road and caught the crazy thing. At this very moment one of those red police cars (ooh lala) was driving along so I had to be extra speedy in my mission. Fortunately the police didn't arrest me, but if they had I was prepared to explain to them that I simply cannot condone littering and therefore go to every measure to ensure the roads of London are kept floaty-money-free. With that excuse I'm almost certain I'd have avoided prison.

I proceeded to find a 20p and a 1p in Covent Garden.

Yesterday it was 2 2ps, 1 1p and a 5p.

Okay I'll stop taking about my growing fortune because it's a little strange. Although pretty wonderful. Soon I'll be able to apple? 60p ooh maybe a bit steep. Half an apple? Ideal.

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