Thursday, 7 July 2011


I like to float around my area - taking snaps of this & that - doing bits & bobs here & there - listening to a bit of's all about James Blake's new album at the minute. Listen to 'I Never Learnt To Share'. Wow.

There's a bit of a cheeky fox that seems to like popping up on my journeys. I think he may be following me, but then again, one can never be sure.

Today on my wanderings it was not only the fox to appear before me, but a rather funny chap. He appeared out of nowhere as I pottered along with James Blake - quite frankly giving me a bit of a fright.
He begun by asking whether I speak English & went on to compliment me in a rather interesting manner.
'I thought you may be Scandinavian...I'd like to give you a compliment' he said.
I can't remember his exact words, but he seemed to like the fact I was merrily smiling as I walked along eating a frozen yogurt & he seemed intrigued by my 'eclectic & colourful outfit'. He liked my positive vibes. And my beret. And my socks.
All very flattering.
However, ESSENTIALLY what he was getting to was that he thinks I should be a kids tv presenter. Blue Peter, apparently, was made for me.
Still flattering? I'm not entirely sure. But there we go. Ended up being quite a nice long chat until I realised Boots was about to shut & was carrying some dead batteries needing to be popped in the dead battery box.


  1. I love these pictures <3
    Very abstract :)

    Im following you now :D
    Folow back??

  2. Nice post. And <3 the photos on your blog :)
    if you like it we can follow each other :*

  3. what awesome pictures! i really love the fox (my favorite animal!). and that your name is bella, as is mine. and that the girl above me is isabella too. it's just perfect! ;)