Thursday, 14 July 2011


In the brief periods at Glastonbury between getting stuck in the mud - photographing the mud - getting stuck into some good music - photographing music - I did a number of other things. Remarkable eh?
One afternoon after having a bit of a boogie to groovy band i wandered around achieving a number of life goals in the space of about half an hour. I chilled in a tree house. I wrote 10 lines of a book that will be published. I got a tattoo. I got married.

Kind of sad my tattoo is so small & only says 'Mum'..If only it was 5 times bigger - saying 'Mum & Dad'. That would be incredible. Particularly for my street cred.

My book was about an owl, of course.

I'm not entirely sure what my new husband is called but he was a hunk. Tears of joy - I promise.

One day I gave myself a little project of photographing broken sunglasses in the mud.
Why not?

Speaking of sunglasses I saw the most ridiculous pair in Burberry today - bright pink plastic FOLD UP ones. They honestly looked like a 5 year old's toy, retailing at £151. I just don't understand why it would be worth having a fold in the centre of your sunglasses just so they take up a tiny bit less handbag space. Most odd.
Hang on a second - I was in Burberry? Yes, quite a change from my usual charity shop dwelling but I was there on a mission.
Earlier in the day my dad informed me that we'd be cruising along to the Burberry shop in Covent Garden. I couldn't believe it - what had I done to be treated in such a wonderful way? Write a book? Get a tattoo? Chill in a treehouse? Get married? OH my wedding present perhaps??
No, no, no & most certainly NO. It turned out that we were going to Burberry in order to check out the shops' floor. Yes, the bloody floor - I'm not even kidding. We are getting a new wooden floor in our house & according to certain people in-the-know about floors, the one we are getting is also in Burberry, Covent Garden.
So there were my dad & I, in Burberry, browsing the high end fashion, handbags & sunglasses whilst speaking in hushed tones about the woodwork. It was actually quite a fun mission, I'm not going to lie. 'Oh this leather jacket is to die for...hmm it's quite dark, nice grain & knots in the boards...'
We particularly liked how the floor had be laid on the landing so spent sometime there. I think the shop assistants were slightly perplexed by this - the one place in the whole shop where there was actually (in their eyes) NOTHING to see.

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