Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Oh my! I havn't written on here for a quite a while. Not ideal. I blame the Mediterranean sun & lack of internet connection for this blogging mishap.
I popped to France last week & have been hanging out in sunny climates since then. I've spent much time working on my tan, of course...aka fervently applying 'Dove gradual tan' moisturizer like a true Brit. I thought it was working well until I looked down at my feet & realised that I look more like I've got some peculiar skin condition than a brozed beach babe. Perhaps it doesn't mix well with my factor 50+ suncream. Some weird chemical reaction? Yes, it's that & not just my inability to rub moisurizer on my body...

Before I chat more about failed beauty attempts & maxin in Italy & France ooh lala, I must update on matters pre-holiday. Most importantly my visit to a CAR BOOT SALE. It was just too wonderful.

Too many wonders interspersed with owls galore.

Other than the MAC lipstick I was very restrained with my purchases. I was just so overwhelmed by it all I couldn't make up my mind.
As the car boots were being re-packed I panicked - I can't return home with the shame of an empty bag! So I scurried around until I found THE most glorious item - A little ceramic worm button about the size of a 1 penny. Bright yellow wearing a green hat. My new best friend! Yay! I was so happy. I mean, I know I went with my chum Rachel, but this little thing could replace even the most nicely dressed companion (note: she bought her amazing jacket from a charity shop - check out the snap below. It's ideal)
I bought a worm for Rachel too so she didn't feel too lonely. I'm sure she loved it as much as I loved mine, although I must admit she seemed a bit perplexed by the penny sized smiley fella.

After the worm a quick last purchase with this mohair brown jumper for £10 & Rach bought an insane jacket also for £10. Yum.

I'll be returning to Battersea Car Boot Sale on September 4th - this time as a seller! I'm literally so excited...sorting out boxed of barbies & bits & bobs in preparation. Please come on down & buy Bella's Beach Babe Barbie & her sexy boyfriend Ken to keep you company. May even be better than a worm.

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