Thursday, 24 May 2012


I've always loved colour. I think it would be hard to see me & not gather from my general attire that I'm a colour fan. Fluorescent blue & pink 'Golddigga' trainers (two 'd's & two 'g's, of course), turquoise trousers & a red beret I always look like a rainbow spat me out. When I paint & draw there's always a colour injection - bright inks or Muji gel pens, the world needs to know that I'm no black & white gal.

I've also always been a fan of shiny things. My owl obsession started many years ago when I was cruising around an Italian market with my dad & came across the most bright & shiny owl-shaped bag. My dad turned his back in compulsion - the kitsch-est thing he'd ever seen. It was so bright & shiny it was lucky I was wearing my sunglasses because I tell you now - without them I'd certainly have been blinded. I was completely mesmorized - gold leather feathers & gold mental eyes. Out of this world. Despite my dad's disgust, I bought it immediately & used it every single day when I was at art school. He (the bag) was called Marmaduke & protected my paintbrushes & ink pots with it's life.

So I love colour, shiny things & something else - gemstones. I've always loved gemstones, bringing me onto the point of my story - relating things back to my South African adventure. I heard talk of a place where gemstones covered the ground - colourful & shiny - where one could go & collect them. My dream. It's called the Scratch Patch & I sprang at an opportunity to go & experience the wonder for myself. The sun was shinning & I sat collecting gemstones which completely surrounded me. I filled a bag for on 150 rand - about £1.50! I've turned them into beads & have been making Scratch Patch gemstone earrings like a mentalist (look forward to your Christmas presents chappies!)

Having said I'm no a black & white gal, I must admit that the next activity after my colourful shiny experience couldn't have been more black & white - checking out...PENGUINS! Yes, African penguins maxin' & relaxin' on a beach. I kid you not. The really were the most funny looking creatures, wobbling around & enjoying the good life. The beach where they chill is called Boulders Beach & is on the coast in a beautiful little place called Simon's Town.

What companionable guys! I want to be a penguin.
Very cosy.

I think these two (bellow) were gossiping about the strange blond girl staring at them because she was carrying a whole load of gemstones. Very strange indeed.

Yo, s'up? 
Not much. Just havin a bud. Ya know.
I think the chappie (above, right) is doing what I call a 'Marilyn Manson'. If you get me.
The one bellow was far more innocent - collecting sticks for his nest.
Mr penguin (bellow) spotted a potential love interest but felt shy in his approach...She seemed keen enough & I have hope that he'll be building a nest soon too.

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