Thursday, 17 May 2012


So I arrived in Cape Town with two suitcases stuffed full with all sorts of random arty bits & bobs - inks, pens, oils, sketchbooks, felt, sewing kits, beads, name it...and my blaady massive camera in my hand luggage. Looking like a true touristy brit with my big sun hat & carrying a million & one things as I passed through customs, I was - of course - stopped & search. I am most suspicious. The man doing the search was rather unpleasant & asked me how much all my posessions were worth. A bit of a tricky question - the arty bits & bobs were merely tuppence, but the camera was a slightly different story...I stuttered & rambled a bit until he got bored & let me through, thank goodness.

As I drove from the airport I was completely taken aback by the wonder of the place - mountains rising around the city, reaching into the clouds & shining in the sunlight. The awe-inspiring & aptly named Table Mountain completely recognisible with it's vast flat top. I bet the God's have the lunch off that. I was also struck by the townships we drove by - colourful corrugated iron shacks crowed together, clothes hanging in long washing lines & people all around. It was fascinating.

Very keen to visit explore I was met by a jolly chap who lives in one of Cape Town's townships & he led me proudly through the streets of his life. Kids running around, people chatting & I had a wonderful peak into a tiny room filled with men having their hair cut.

Above is a snap of the bar inside one of the township pubs. It was a small, dark room with a low ceiling & peeling wallpaper, but I was assured that it was the hip & happenin hotspot after dark. 
They hand out free condoms.

In contrast, bellow are snaps of their church. Also quite a hotspot, I'm told. Despite the poverty in the living space of the people here, I was struck by the strong faith  in the community. There was a little shop next to the Church selling handmade things to support the Church. The woman working there was physically handicap but was really so warm & welcoming. Very humbling to speak to her.
I bought a 'Township Teddy' which is made from bits & bobs of rubbish - car tyres & the like. My chum was a little shocked when she saw my new teddy, but i assured her that it has a sweet nature, despite it's peculiar appearance. 
Blue wellies! How convenient!
Such delectable food, it really was a shame that I'd just had lunch. Really. Apparently chicken feet (those appertising yellow things in the snap above) are a real delicacy.
This amazing elephant was created by some kiddies living in the township. Is that an owl I spot??

I bought a necklace from WELCOM TO CRAFT SHOP. Bright & colourful beads made from rolled recycled paper. Very cool.

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  1. Fabulous B. Great story. Great pics. Great person....x