Saturday, 12 May 2012


I'm back, black & ready for action.

Back?- not exactly...still in South Africa! Metalist.

Black? - again, not exactly - factor 50+ suncream has forbid it. 

Ready for action? Damn straight - is always blaaady ready for action.

The kind of action I've been ready for may seem a little strange to those of you who take slightly less pleasure from insects, trees, dirt and the like, but for me, photographing the most peculiar bits & bobs in & around Cape Town is the most wonderful way to take action. Snap this, snap that. 

So yes, for my next few posts I'm going to tell you stories from my adventures - nothing will be too insignificant to be mentioned, from the teeny weeny red beetle I had a chat with as he pottered along, to the praying mantis I befriended after nearly stepping on the poor chap - each encounter has inspired me & helped me connect with the world around me in profound ways. I’ve seen so many wonderful things, from townships to turtles, penguins & seals. Ooh la la. My new camera has also been pretty instrumental in this snapping business - before I came I realised it was time to go a bit crazy & get a new camera. In fact my parents were keen to buy me one for my 21st birthday present but after a lot of research, indecision & debate, I decided in my usual ‘’ way to get a Canon 60D the day before my flight out here (one & a half years after my 21st birthday). Packing was unimportant, the camera had taken complete priority – dashing all over town like a mentalist from one Jessops to another, only to find 60D out of stock. Not ideal. Manic calls here & there until I was on the phone with Darrel, a chap with a hunky voice who works Dixons in Heathrow terminal 5 who confirmed a Canon 60D in stock…risky business making a deal with Darrel but it was my last chance. I called him about 10 times that night to make sure the camera was STILL there & then a few times the next day on my way to the airport...until I found myself face to face with Darrel & my spanking new camera. Beautiful. It really is my new best friend. (Darrel wasn’t a hunk by the way. Quite weedy in fact. What a shame)

I also bought some bright pink headphones in Dixons terminal 5. Now I can listen to Gregorian chants to my hearts content. Ideal.

So off I flew – me, myself, camera, pink headphones & I. And so the story begins.

This is Frank my praying mantis friend. When I met him he wasn’t praying but I definitely felt his holy vibes…before our encounter I believe he was on his way to Church, but I cannot be certain. His soppy eyes drew me to him & we became instant friends. We hung out for a while until he started having a bit of a nibble on my bracelet which I took as a sign – poor Frank is hungry. I had a little cranberry hanging about so offered it up & I must say he was a big cranberry fan.

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