Tuesday, 29 May 2012


More colour yeah? Nice.

The weather in Cape Town is quite frankly out of this world. (I'm English so of course I'm talking about the weather) It literally experiences four seasons in a day - sunny as anything, I'm sitting on a deckchair praying that even with factor 50+ suncream I'll get some kind of tan - when suddenly, out of the blue (blue sky, literally) it starts pouring like a mentalist. I dash inside sodden wet & spend a good 10 minutes battling with firelighters, wood & a lighter. The fire eventually gets going & I set up camp with a jolly old book (with pretty pictures) & a sense of girl-scout achievement. At that very moment the sun pops out again & the day is back to the height of summer. Most frustrating, but certainly keeps one on ones toes! With all this business I see rainbows very often which is really wonderful. Invisible but visible colour in the sky. I think the Gods are doing a painting. 
God, the creative creator.

On a bright blue sky day I decided to seize the opportunity to explore an area in Cape Town called Bo-Kaap, umbrella in hand. Bo-Kaap is a historic area which dates back to the 1700s when it was known as the Slave Quarter & was home to freed slaves & exiles from the east. The Muslim heritage is evident in its beautiful mosques & Muslim chapping cruising around. Bo-Kaap is on the slopes of Signal Hill with bright multicoloured rectangular houses lining steep cobbled streets.
This area really is quite a contrast to the rest of the city so I decided to explore & find out more. A wonderful man called Cyril Johnson led me on walking tours around the area where, in fact, he grew up on its streets. As the tour began he remarked - 'we are walking on my bedroom'!

At one point we bumped into two of Cyrils friends - two brothers, one older & one younger. They lived in shacks in the area & were on their way back their from buying some milk. They were very friendly & called Cyril the 'President' on the streets. The older brother told us a story of how he'd been shot in his bladder & it constantly leaks. He said he's trying to save the money to go to the hospital but it's very expensive. Such an awful story, but even as he told it he laughed & joked with his brother & was warm & friendly. What an amazing guy. Real life eh? Gosh.

Cyril let me right up to the top of the hill to a small shrine facing east. The views over Cape Town were spectacular & I enjoyed watching the seagulls flapping about.

After my Bo-Kaap adventure I went to the hotel where my parents were staying - Vineyard. We hung out & had tea in the beautiful garden when I spotted a rather large turtle munching on the grass. I sat near by & she slowly pottered over to say hello. Very friendly indeed.

A while later I went for a wander in the hotel garden when I came across my new turtle friend, still munching on the grass BUT this time something else was going on - SHE HAD A MALE ON HER BACK! Seriously, it was a bit of a shock, especially as she was still munching away at the grass. After a few minutes she really seemed fed up & started her slow-paced walk but the chap on her back didn't stop. I honestly believe I witnessed a rape. Most unpleasant turtle behaviour.



  1. This all looks fantastic. I must visit Cape Town.

    Also, the close up of the male turtle - wow.

  2. Disgusting...the turtles are disgusting..........