Sunday, 1 May 2011


That's what Penny Girl has found in the last few days. Waterloo station is a serious penny hotspot, I'm telling you now.

And Penny Boy? He found a red pen and since we associate one another with our street findings, he used it to write me a hedgehog card.
Hedgehogs are such fab fellas. Did you know that they love bananas and it is found that bananas help their digestion? As a matter of fact I'm rather keen on bananas..maybe I'm a hedgehog? Or at least was one, once? Intriguing. Although perhaps I'm not prickly enough.

Five long stemmed red roses? Apparently Penny Boy found them? Now that's even more intriguing than the fact I may have once been a hedgehog.

...Through the letter box.


  1. This made me smile. The hedgehogs are so cute!