Monday, 1 August 2011


If you've read my bits & bobs you'll have followed my story with Penny Boy - the chap I met through a penny entwined tale. And so it continues...

I'm still finding luck on the streets (penny-wise, prostitution-wise not so much. Although, funnily enough, today I was attempting to help a Saudi Arabian chap get a Boris Bike - not that I have ANY idea myself - & he whipped out a £20 note for me! I didn't accept. It was slightly peculiar.) So anyway, just before flying away from London, Penny Boy & I decided to join penny forces to see what we could afford. Half a watermelon from Wholefoods! Ideal. We took our ripe red random reward through Kensington Gardens to check out Michelangelo Pistoletto at the Serpentine Gallery. I must admit I wasn't a massive fan of the exhibition - it was what I'd describe as rooms filled with cardboard. Literally. However, although I found it lacked aesthetic beauty, his ideas were interesting - the swirls of cardboard were 'non-representational anti-commodities constructed out of 'poor' materials. Objects through which I (Pistoletto) free myself from something - not constructions but liberations, not pluses but minuses.' Confusing? Interesting nonetheless.

Every summer the Serpentine Gallery commissions international architects to design a Pavilion for the gallery's lawn which holds various events within it. This year it was won by Peter Zumthor & looks from this outside to be a large black construction. There are a number of entrances which lead to a dark passage way...

Inside is an open space with a wonderful garden surrounded by seating. Zumthor's idea with to create a magical place surrounded by simple walls - a sheltered place of great intimacy where one can stay for a long time.
It really was rather magical.
Magical AND ideal for people watching...and photographing...

So Penny Boy & I hung out here with our watermelon. Mm watery. 

Lots of seeds. 

 Just outside the pavilion is a caravan serving yummy tea sandwiches & cakes...word on the street...

Penny Boy has done all manner of things in his life. Ballet dancer, actor, model. A very creative individual who is also a fan of this watery red fruit. And a Virgo like me.

I really enjoy photographing people, trying to capture something of their real being. People's faces are fascinating..often disguising so much, giving little away, although if photographed right there's a chance of giving everything away. Finding something unique.

Penny Boy bought me these two postcards at the Gallery. The left reminded him of me & my creative & abstract mind (most flattering, although I'm not sure how I'd enjoy a mind of rocks or indeed that exact hairstyle). I see the card of the right as saying GOD. God with an extra good O. Was it a good day or a God day? In life, who really knows?

I bought Penny Boy this card in return. 'Melonely' like a whole lot of baloney mixed with a whole lot of Melon. That was my thinking. However he saw it in a different way - 'Me.....Lonely'. Gosh. This really made us think. Lonely? What is it to be lonely? Penny Boy says he doesn't feel lonely unless he's in a new an unfamiliar environment. 
Sounds like a whole lot of melonely to me.

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