Sunday, 14 August 2011



After hanging out in France, the eight of us hopped on the train to embark on a 9 hour cruise to Perugia in Italy. Arjun met us at the train station & drove us to his house in the hills of Umbria. All of us squeezed into two cars (plus 8 suitcases, handbags, hats & a bloody massive watermelon I picked up on the way) may have uttered a few words of discomfort if it were not for the numerous prostitutes by the side of the road to keep our attention off our restricted blood flow.

14 of us rockin out in a gorgeous house with a swimming pool, tennis court & a few lizards around & about, things couldn't have been more ideal. Oh, except for the fact that Arjun is a chef who's just opened a hip restaurant in Mumbai - with the kitchen run by a chef who previously worked with Gordon Ramsay in London. Yes, that made things even more than ideal.

So my chum Arjun Gadkari (not pictured above - that's Trevor) moved to Mumbai a year ago to open 'The Cafe at The Mill'. The Mill opened as the first 'concept' store in Mumbai, offering a selection of stylish & chic merchandise. Essentially very cool BLING stuff, from what I gather. 'The Cafe' is located in the store & is equally chic & stylish..Arjun told me about a pepper soup on the menu which is made & served in some way that it is half red & half yellow in the bowl when it arrives. Niiice.
If u happen to find yourself in Mumbai, hungry & in need of some chic retail therapy, stop by yeah?


Every meal time, Arjun set to work chopping, cutting, grating, peeling & generally rockin' out in the kitchen.

Lots of pasta sauces & that kind of business...I enjoyed photographing them up close to create abstract shots. The colours & textures were amazing.
So the holiday consisted of eating, relaxing, playing Around the World on the tennis court & games in the pool, the HAT game, Mafia & watching porn (there were 10 boys, after all). Oh, & a few drinks now & then...most memorably Will's coffee margaritas. A very interesting concoction indeed. Not entirely sure what when into them, but I hear rumours of ice cream, expresso & a hell of a lot of alcohol.
Bit of courgette & pancetta oohlala.

 Oooh la la a bit of sausage, tomatoes & fennel...

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