Thursday, 18 August 2011



While I was in Italy I decided to do a bit of yoga every morning - the 'Sun Salutation' sequence. I love it, with a bit of mountain pose, cobra & the downward dog, one feels quite frankly a piece of zen by the end. The unfortunate thing was that there wasn't terribly much sun to be saluting. Not ideal in Italy I must least we had T-Pain's 'I'm on a boat' song & video to keep us amused & satisfied that being surrounded by water (rain in our case) wasn't so bad.

Hardcore rain

Like hardcore metal music but slightly less violent.

On a slightly less wet yet chilly evening we decided to make a fire to warm our summer clad - unprepared for the chill - bones. It took several guys an age & a half to get the bloody thing going & when it was eventually showing some signs of life they told us this was thanks to half the liqueur supply. Vodka or a warm bum? We didn't even have the choice - warm bum it was.

 EXTRAordinary fire. I get completely obsessed with fire when I'm near it. Perhaps a bit worrying, but fortunately there will at least always be a lens in front of my eyes to keep some kind of distance.
How is that amazing colour even possible? I want to touch it, draw with it, paint with it, play with it, eat it...(too far?!)

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