Friday, 26 August 2011


Adventure? Yes, quite.

I popped up to Edinburgh two Fridays ago for the hip & happening Fringe Festival. My plan was to stay for just two nights with my chum Olivia who's at the university & therefore has a fab flat which she was chilling in.
I felt quite overwhelmed initially because there's just so much to do & see - so we speedily set about booking shows & cruising around town, soaking up the vibes & enjoying every minute. Almost frantically we raced from one thing to the next & even fitted in an early morning car boot sale on level -4 of a massive car park. It was mentalist. I almost bought I guitar but the fact I can't actually play the guitar stopped me at the last minute. Olivia bought some blank cds. Ideal.

Hokay so, just two days in Edinburgh did I say? Well, 13 days - 30 show & 10 art galleries later it hit me - hang on a second, I'm STILL in Edinburgh? How did that happen?! And so, sadly, I finally left. It was the most wonderful time ever - but seriously, HOW did that happen? I've told this tale to a number of friends who've all laughed & said that it was very typical of me - labeled by one friend as 'the queen of spontaneity'. I prefer the word 'spontaneous' to 'disorganized', so I'll go with that.
All I can say is that I feel most cultured. In my next post I'm going to chat about all the shows I saw - some intense, others funny & there was those which were so bizarre I don't think I can even begin to describe them.

Certainly my most unusual experience was when I rocked up to a venue & was told 'Tis In My Memory Locked: An adaption of Hamlet' was about to begin & so decided to pop along. I arrived at the theatre a few minutes before the play was due to begin to discover I was the only spectator. Yes, not another single soul in the audience. I was slightly apprehensive & took a seat near the door, praying someone else would join me. They didn't. Just me. And what happened when the actors came on stage? OH NO there were no actors - there was ONE actor. Just one.
So there I was, sitting all alone in the audience with one guy on stage pouring out his heart about his failed relationship with bloody Ophelia in Shakespearean language. FOR ONE WHOLE HOUR. I find Shakespeare rather hard to follow as it is, but being in an intense eye lock with the one actor on stage made things even more confusing. Intense to the extreme.

He was quite an attractive chappy, so at least that was something.

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  1. Oh bloody hell you stopped an extra 11 days!!! Well it sounds like you had enough to keep you occupied, always wanted to visit Edinburgh it looks fantastic! All that thrifting :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad