Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Here, there & everywhere is where I seem at be at the moment. I get most confused. In fact right now I'm not 125% sure whether I am here, there OR everywhere.
I think I'll stick with everywhere, just to be safe.
'Here' was France for a week then Italy for a week. Maxin & relaxin at friend's houses with a group of 15 friends. Absolutely ooh la la & wonderful.

'There' is the BIG CHILL festival which I'm off to with a group of Durham chums tomorrow morning. We're all working as Oxfam stewards at the fest - like I did at Glastonbury. It's literally the best way to go to a festival because you get a free festival ticket, free food, a super sahweet crew campsite with showers AND plugs. Having plugs at a festival is a big deal. My friend is hoping she'll be able to use her hairdryer but I think the stressed out people waiting to charge their phones may not take too kindly to this idea. Check it out & sign up next year chaps

SO ma bloggin bits & bobs won't be updated for a few days. Quelle disaster, as the French would say.
Or maybe they'd just say - whatever, give me a baguette.

Here are a few random snaps from here & there. Anything colourful, weird or owl related deserves a snap. I'll pop up more from overseas when I'm back.

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  1. Bright and cheerful as ever Bella. Enjoy the gig.