Monday, 17 October 2011


Find an Italian on a vespa. He'll say ciao Bella! & we'll disappear off into the sunset. Ideal.

Finding an Italian on a vespa & eloping to a gorgeous Italian spot with my new hunk has always been the plan for my future. So, last year when I was in Durham I realised it was time to set the foundations of the plan in motion and signed up for an evening Italian class - 2 hours, once a week. I usually arrived in a fluster, having been caught in a gust of wind, fallen over in the street or dropped half my possessions into the gutter, but whatever the circumstances of my arrival, I was always thrilled to be there. Grammar. Irregular verbs. Greetings. Ordering a coffee. I loved it. Bella means beautiful, after all.

Unfortunately two hours, once a week was not quite enough to ensure the fluency I was hoping. I had the idea that I'd do the course & by the end of the year I'd be chatting away in Italian in the same manner as I chat away in English. For this to be possible it would of course have required a lot of work on my part which somehow didn't quite happen. But Italian in the language of love, so when I find my hunk I doubt I'll need to say much. Anyway, after my recent few weeks in Italy I am once again very inspired to keep learning & have bought various beginners books - 'Italian for Dumbies' a particular favourite. So at the moment, since returning for my future Motherland, I've been reciting verbs like there's no tomorrow - morning, noon & night. Amare. To love. Amo, ami, ama, amiamo, amate, amanto. sorted.

Why is this my life plan? Because I am completely & utterly in love with Italy. The culture, the vibes, the way of life, the food, the was made for me. I've been all over the place in Italy but my favourite place is Sestri Levant where I've been going every summer for my own life. It's the most peaceful, wonderful, therapeutic place I know. A few photo's to give you an idea...

A one star hotel called Isabella? How great does that sound! No air-con, dirty mattress, communal bathroom...but at least it's called Isabella eh.

This duck chap was so funny - he wanted to make chums with people! He'd pop into the sea & come right up & chill with the swimmers! I gave him a bit of my croissant one day but he was unamused. Apparently it was not his pastry of choice.

Calming & beautiful. I sat & draw. Relaxed & just enjoyed every minute.

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