Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Me - accident prone? In a word - YES. To say the least.
A banana skin on the ground? I'll slip. A ladder in the road? It'll fall on me. A closing door? My finger will get caught.

At art school in Florence - a mirror? I smashed it.

Next day. A second mirror? I smashed it.

Next day, day three, third mirror. Third mirror? I smashed it.

I'm NOT even kidding. On the second smash someone suggested that the 7 years of bad luck from the first smashing had been canceled out. I liked that. No years of bad luck is definitely a better option than 14 years of bad luck...but on the third smashing? I think there's no way around that one. So that's me - grazed legs, a bruised head, a purple finger AND TWENTY-ONE YEARS OF BAD LUCK. Great.

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