Thursday, 13 October 2011


I've been considering the matter of perfectionism recently. Being a perfectionist, is it a good or bad thing?

There is no doubt that I am a perfectionist through & through. Not only does my behaviour suggest this to be the case, my Virgo star sign reinforces it - They are said to have a talent for projects which require precision & detail & to excel at skills & crafts which require patience & exactitude. On the negative, they are highly sensitive to perceived criticism & can appear to worry unduly about the need to make things as perfect as they can be. Gosh, this is me! I am very focused on detail - always noticing people's jewelry, hair cuts, love bites...and then all the details that surround me in life. The details I tend to focus my photography work on in fact. Detail & colour. Snap.Snap.
The 'worry about the need to make things as perfect as they can be'. When I was a little Bella I struggled quite a bit at school as I'm dyslexic & just wanted to get things right. These days my perfectionism can drive me crazy - with work & essays I want them to be peeerfect & so I quite frankly end up going a bit mad. How can anything be perfect? Except Cheryl Cole's hair, of course.

After spending two weeks at Charles Cecil drawing school in Florence where perfectionism is glorified (our tutor has been working on a painting for 27 years. It's still not finished. Seriously) I cruised along to spend some time by the sea. Oh the sun, sea, sand and SHELLS! I bloody love shells. One of my favourite activities when I'm at the seaside is collecting shells. I know that most girls my age would be talking about sunbathing right now, but for me, it's always been shells. I wear factor 50+ suncream anyway so more poor body doesn't even know the sun exists.

I went first to Forte dei Marmi where I always stay with friends & I must tell you - the shells on this beach are quite frankly out of this world. They are tiny & white with a little hole in them! It's remarkable. I guess the sea creature that once lived inside the shell made the hole, but I kid you not, it's a perfect little hole - completely ideal for sticking some string through & making bracelets.

There are also these pretty funky fruits which hang out on cacti. The colour! I almost passed out it's so amazing. I cut one up & had a munch. Rather tasty in fact.


After a few relaxing days, some holey shells & a bit of a cactus, I hopped on the train to Sestri Levante - my second home. I've been going there with my fam since I was born & I just love it. Tiny weeny shells there.
I just sat, drew, enjoyed the view, breathed the fresh air & collected the teeny weeny shells. It was complete bliss.
They are so teeny weeny I can barely see them. As small as a grain of rice, my perfectionism is rife & I spend hours searching in the sand.
They are perfect. Even more perfect than Cheryl Cole's hair - and that's saying something.

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