Sunday, 23 October 2011


I've always lead a rather busy life...popping here & there & somehow being in a few places all at once. Namely last year when I had a job at SNOG in London, a part-time photography degree in Newcastle & a sociology degree in Durham...oh.
I do rather thrive on rushing all over the show, packing as much into each day I can. My chum Lavinia goes about her life in much the same way & so when the two of us were in Florence we didn't have a second of unplanned activity. However, there was something different about being busy in Italy...less pressured perhaps? The air in Italy seems somehow calmer. There's more time. Time for long siestas. Time to drink lots of wine & enjoy long meals. One thing I noticed in particular is the lack of take-away coffee cups. Instead of grabbing a Starbucks on the go, why not give yourself the time to enjoy it by the bar? Getting off the Gatwick Express at Victoria, I was immediately struck by people rushing around like mentalists. What are they doing!? I cried. Honestly, take a chill Londoners, stop this frantic business. The world isn't going to end if you miss that train!

Spending time in Sestri Levante after Florence was one long take-away coffee cup-less enjoyment. It's so wonderful there - people spend their days walking slowly in the water - a sort of acqua-aerobic activity for the over seventies. I spent lots of time photographing & drawing these fine folk.
They were wonderful.


So back in busy London, I admit I've already given in to the take-away coffee cup - despite best intentions. However, have been looking for other ways to slow down. Lots of drawing class...lots of naked people. Then there's music. Relaxing, de-stressing music. One particular musician I relate particularly to a coffee cup less life is Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu.
Gurrumul is an Australian aborigine from Galiwin'ku off the coast of Arnhem Land, Northern Australia. He was born blind & plays the drums, keyboards, guitar (a right hand-strung guitar left-handed) & didgeridoo. His voice is completely magical.

I found out he was playing at the Barbican which was almost too exciting. I bought two tickets & persuaded by brother to join me. He's not such a music fan, but he found my description of an 'Australian aborigine who was born blind & sings about crocodiles' intriguing enough to come. He bloody loved it - & when Gurrumul sung 'I was born blind' we were both weeping like there's no tomorrow.

A little sketch I drew of the chap...

If your interested in a bit of Gurrumul -

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