Sunday, 19 June 2011


In my previous post (bellow) I told the story of my Brighton adventure from which I returned home with a buldging suitcase full of tshirts. The tshirts were all designed & created by my Brighton chum - 'BY BOZ DESIGNS', using the silk-screen printing technique to print his designs on the tshirts.

Over the summer I will be selling them, along with my vintage clothes from 'Bella's Bits & Bobs', on Portobello market.
One tshirt costs £12 & two for £20.
If you'd like any please let me know! I have all different coloured tshirts with all sorts of designs. Ooh la la!

A deadly sandwich? Some yummy cupcakes? Yes please.

A cross sunflower. What a shame. He's missing the sunshine...aren't we all?!

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