Thursday, 30 June 2011


Bored games? Certainly not! It's all about BOARD games, we will never be bored of board games, that's for sure. I love them, particularly Risk. Risk was my first board game fix. We took it on a family holiday to France when I was about seven & remember staying up VERY LATE (1am! Very naughty for a 7 year old) getting involved in a bit of world domination with the fam. My troops were always the purple little fellas. The Risk board is a map of the world & is divided into 42 territories & I owe my limited Geographical knowledge to this.
Looking back I'm quite intrigued by mini Bella's detailed knowledge of Ural dwelling men's weeing habits & Kamchatka's love of red sauce - always referring to Ural as 'the urinals' & Kamchatka as 'ketchup'. 'I'd like to attack the urinals from China please' is how I would roll. And then I would roll. The dice. Ideal.

14 years later & Risk is still one of my faves - along with Baulderdash, Articulate, Floridaoply (Florida's version of Monopoly. It's fab. Rather than jail you go to 'Alligator island') & Cranium. My friends had planned a late night game with whisky & chips to accompany some Risky business. Unfortunately I arrived when the game was already underway & the purple chappies had already been taken, so watched the others battle it out from the sidelines. Photographing hands. And feet. Naturally.

As the game continued into the early hours & tensions were mounting, I decided to relocate to the sitting room to observe Huge the van's developments. All his bits & pieces had been moved inside to be fixed up before being fitted back in. A cupboard, sink & cooker unit & various other things being created. An interesting sight, to say the least...

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