Friday, 3 June 2011


I do love my morning birdy friends, but it does worry me slightly that they are becoming a bit too friendly.
There have now been a number of occasions when I've been chilling my beans in the kitchen and a little robin chappy simply invites himself in. He doesn't even knock.

He said to me 'Yo, where's ma grub?? I've been waitin' for some deep fried worms - sort me out yeh?'

So I'm like 'Yeah babes, you're cute - rude but cute - so here you go...'

And once again he's very satisfied. Yum yum.
On another day when Mr. Rob Robin was maxin' in my kitchen decided I rather wanted to spend some quality time with him so shut the terrace door. Big mistake. Poor guy went crazy, flying all over the show & finally settling on a pot high up on a kitchen cupboard. VERY pissed off.
So that settled that. He wants my food but certainly doesn't want to be bosom buddies.
I feel used.

But in the end of the day, as long as they don't turn out like David's Sherry's birds (pictured bellow from an exhibition I went to in Newcastle) then I guess I'm ok with my uninvited, unfriendly guest.

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