Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Oh.Hello.Glasto.(what's up?)

My dress sense has been described by friends in a number of words - Unusual. Individual. Artistic. Creative. Eclectic. Colourful. All flattering ways of saying BELLA YOU ARE STRANGE & YOU DRESS STRANGE. End of.

I do admit to dressing in a somewhat peculiar way at times - whacking on a bit of this & a bit of that. I also admit this to being unintentionally unconventional and, although I am somewhat used to it these days, can't help being a little surprised when people seem almost baffled by my attire.

However there have been two recent occasions when I've been less surprised by people's bafflement.
I blame Nandos.
The first time was a few weeks ago. I was chilling with some peri-peri chicken in Nandos & a man came over to me to comment on my 'fancy dress'. Thanks, although looking down at my feet - Santa clause socks tucked into leggings with gold leopard print plimsoles - I guess he had a point. My only defense was that Santa was due for an outing - it simply wouldn't be right to only be bezzie mates with the old chap around Christmas time with stocking presents on the mind. Quite like Jesus & chocolate Easter eggs.

The second time of genuine bafflement at myself was last night on another Nandos outing. I looked down at my feet. Oh. Sheep? Criss-cross plimsoles?? Um...let's just say that as I'm going to Glastonbury festival tomorrow I thought I should slowly ease into the country vibe by getting chummy with some sheep.

YES! GLASTONBURY! What have I packed? White baby grow with florescent coloured kite patterns. That's all I'm saying.

I'm going to join Alex & Hugo the VW Campervan. I'm slightly concerned due to the fact my last Hugo sightings were in the form of bits & bobs in Alex's sitting room, however I'm assured he has been resembled & is fully habitable. Most exciting. See you crazy kids when I'm back next week from hanging with the less cartoony sheep.

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  1. your shoes are amazing! i love those oxfords that look like scales