Saturday, 18 June 2011



Not long ago I cruised down to Brighton with the sudden urge to check out it's art school. I don't think I want to go back to art school but you never know eh. So I gave my friend a buzz who studies 'Sustainable product design' there & he said he was happy to take me around so I could feel the vibe.
Sustainable product design? How fab is that. In fact he's just popped off to Alaska for two months to live on a piece of ice (literally, I believe) with some crazy scientists for some distertation research. For his leaving party a few days ago we went to the Ice Bar in London 'Bellow Zero' to give us a taste of his time to come. We were provided with massive ponchos, warm gloves, cocktails (in ice glasses) & could only stay in there for 40 minutes. Not quite two months skiing & camping on a piece of ice...but to be honest 40 minutes of that was quite enough for me.

Anyway, back to Brighton. He has chickens at his student house. 5 of them. There were originally 7 however one was eaten by a fox & the other was eaten by my friend....nice way to treat a pet eh?

Groovy little fellas hangin' out and me becoming bezzie mates with one who'd just laid an egg. 
I ate it.

So the point of my story is that my Brighton dwelling (Alaska wandering) chum is very creative & he does a lot of silkscreen PRINTING on tshirts which he sells at various shops & markets around Brighton. However, recently he hasn't had much time to sell, but still has loads of tshirts TO sell. So I was like 'hey maaan I have a bit of a clothes selling business in the works so why don't I take your tshirts & sell them for you? Because I doubt you'll get much business in Alaska (unless you decide to line them in fur)...' So that was that! I returned to London with a seriously hefty suicase bulging with tshirts. Ideal.

Some of the designs will be appearing in my next post so check it out. 

In the meantime (as you wait in great anticipation) listen to the 'Broken Bells' album CALLED 'Broken Bells'. 
It's fab.
Thank goodness it's not called Broken Bella. That wouldn't be fab.
Although some people call me Bells.


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