Friday, 20 May 2011


I just love second hand. Not my second hand (I'm left handed so would consider my right hand to be my second one) but second hand things. Second hand clothes. Second hand bits & bobs.
My friend at photography college in Newcastle knows this, so when he found out that his friend's shop has a 'Flea Pit' he knew it would be my idea of heaven. He was right.
The shop is in Darlington, one stop south of Durham on the traaain, so I cruised along there with my chum to explore it's charms. It was magical. We then found an amazing retro shop AND a starbucks and realised that one stop south of Durham is the most hip & happening place in the North-East.
And most probably the world.

Since this visit I've been dying to return, so the minute I came across a free day in my Northern life, I was back in Darlington faster than Pippa Middleton's instant bum fame. (sexy minx)

The 'Flea Pit' is usually locked & is only revealed to those who feel ready to experience it's glory. I was definitely ready, so the door was unlocked & I was led down, past the shops mysterious 'wishing stone' & into a world of nooks & crannies filled with all manner of glorious and unusual things.

Could this be the most wonderful thing you will ever see? A ROCK CONCERT of rocks on a rock? It makes me so happy.

My next Darlington stop was the charity shop 'Age UK' which turned out to sell retro clothes. The owner explained that when any Age UK around the country is given bright, fun retro clothes they send them to the Darlington shop. It's then sold at charity shop prices. What could be better.

So many bright colours, exciting patterns & designs I was taking snaps like there's no tomorrow.
The shop assistant was like 'Why are you photographing everything in my shop pet?'
'Because I'm a part-time blogaar!' (obviously)

And that sorted that.

My final stop was lunch in a little cafe. I made bezzie mates with some Darlington locals. Perfect.


  1. wow, that is one great looking shop and I love that they have cameras there too, yeay! I'm always on the look out for shops like this

  2. I didn't know they sold cameras in there either and I live here....I know where I'm going tomorrow morning......he he.

  3. Fuck, I wish I lived in England . . . .

    Australia is so boring when it comes to awesome stuff like this (except maybe Melbourne and some flea markets in Sydney)