Sunday, 15 May 2011


One evening, a few weeks ago, I was chilling my beans when I realised I'd run out of cotton wool pads & dental tape - catastrophe! Faster than you could say myteethandfacewillnotbehappyunlessigettobootsnow I was rushing down the road to Boots in a moment of anguish as it was almost 6.30pm - will it still be open??

 Thank goodness it was.

So there I was, considering whether to go for Boots own brand dental tape (not floss, thank you very much) or splash out on Colgate, when I got a phone call from my chum. 'YO Franks, we (his band 'Stokes, William') are recording our EP in a converted stables cottage in Basingstoke - come and take some snaps, yeah?' so I replied 'YO Stokes, I'm on my way!'
And with that I rushed to the counter (went with Boots own brand btw, saving the pennies, you know how it is), popped home, shoved my camera, tripod, torches, filters, tooth brush & paste, DENTAL TAPE, glasses, contact lens solution, panties, bra and socks into a bag & cruised along to Waterloo where I picked up one of those amazing M&S pastrami sandwiches & a packet of biscuits & hopped on the train. Ideal.

A little sketch of Will from a 'Stokes,William' gig at the Half Moon in Putney.
Hanging out. In Basingstoke. With dip dip lollies.
That dental tape is going to come in handy later...

I love a photography technique called 'painting with light' which is a way of using light to create the most insane effects. Long exposure, high ISO, wide aperture, tripod, torches, quality street wrappers - et voila! So we spent the night in a pitch black room taking some crazy snaps. Stokes,William may use them for the publicity of their EP release so won't unveil them here yet - keep an eye out. AND keep an ear out - these chappies are amazing. I have no doubt they'll be big dawg household names in no time
A funny outtake from the shoot (above). Mentalists.

After a night in the dark, I was greeted by a day in the light and a morning serenade. 

Private little gig with a cup of tea and freshly TAPED teeth.

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