Sunday, 22 May 2011


It was a very sunny day in Durham & the ice-cream van was out to play attracting local dwellers & frantic, chocolate craving students galore. Great news for the van, but not such great news for Hugo - Alex's VW Campervan - who's popularity was being put to shame. Why should he take this humiliation just for not providing sprinkles & flakes along with his rusty charm? Definitely time to get out of Durham & find his own source of appreciation.
This came in his ability to transport me & Alex to the beach. Perfect. Thank you Hugo.

Hanging out with our bezzie mates. Aristotle the Shark & Plato the turtle. They bloody loved a bit of beach.
No, we weren't reading philosophy books on morality & aesthetics, logic & science, politics & metaphysic.They are just finger puppets.

Every good beachy trip ends with a picnic. In a van. Of course.


  1. It must have been wonderful! And I never had a picnic in a van :P


  2. great photos !