Monday, 30 May 2011


 An appealing breakfast? Mmm a generous portion of dried worms & sunflower seeds at 8.30am sound divine? I suppose it depends on one's hunger levels, or indeed one's skin to feather ratio. Every morning when I am in London I have various visiting fluffy friends who wait expectantly for this appetizing meal.

Two robins.                                       Two blackbirds.                                One very persistent squirrel who isn't such a fan of the Song Bird's tasty snack. If I havn't already put out a few sour cherries the cheeky chappy literally comes up to the window of our glass door onto the terrace, stands on his legs & looks in expectantly. Like a poor, starved creature he looks at me, until I have to give in & provide him with the whole cherry packet. It's those eyes - he's a true Darren Brown.
My VERY satisfied friend.

And sometimes there's even a bit of competition. Don't be fooled by the robin's size - he's quite a feisty little chap. Although the blackbird usually wins.

And sometimes this bloody massive pigeon comes along. Not ideal.
Babes you are NOT a robin or song bird okay?

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